EVAPORATIVE FLUIDS are bi-component products consisting of one volatile part and one non-volatile part, the additive.
The volatile part has the triple function of:

  • Reducing the viscosity of the lubricant part;
  • Distributing the lubricant;
  • Cooling.

The range of EVAPORATIVE FLUIDS has additive agents for:

  • Anti-wear;
  • Extreme Pressure;
  • Greasing.

While ensuring the absence of chlorine and sulphur, and animal fats.

The excellence in this technology means we can offer a range of products that is distinguished by the absence of: residual adhesives, white traces after evaporation, odour.

This category includes products for use with food bearing NSF H1 3H certification.

As the evaporative fluid is distributed, the solvent evaporates until there is none left leaving a residue that creates a protective film against oxidation, but compatible with subsequent operations (welding, painting, bonding, screen printing, etc.) with no need to clean the parts.

Main advantages:

  • Cleanliness of the workplace;
  • Elimination of cleaning operations;
  • Ideal for all metals;
  • Ready to use;
  • Reduction in oil consumption;
  • Protection of moulds;
  • Compatible with refrigerant gases.