The processing of PLASTIC & RUBBER involves forming operations, working on machine tools, bonding and decorative finish. Our lubricants are designed to facilitate the extrusion and removal from the moulds of the polymers and solvents used to facilitate the stratification of the polymer on the support. Depending on the articles to be produced, the most appropriate technology is selected, based on the polymer and functional characteristics required.

The formulation technology of LMI release agents comes into play when applied to the mould, forming an ultra-thin, thermally stable film which adheres to the surface of the mould, allowing multiple, residue-free releases thereby reducing manufacturing costs and increasing the quality standard, thanks to longer intervals between maintenance work on the moulds. LMI formulation technology can be used in:

  • Injection and blow moulding;
  • Direct compression moulding;
  • Transfer moulding;
  • Injection moulding ;
  • Thermoforming;
  • Calendaring & Extrusion.