Instant adhesives and liquid resins with excellent hardening properties are widely used to facilitate and speed up assembly operations, ensuring performance and reduced thickness compared to traditional adhesive and sealing products (hemp, PTFE, etc.)


Sealants are mono-component products used to seal fittings in civil and industrial installations. They can be used in the presence of water, air, gas and fuels.
Their quality performance means:

  • Resistance to temperature;
  • Resistance to lubricants ;
  • Rapid polymerization.

They can be used with different chemical elements. Their chemical-physical composition means they can replace traditional PTFE tapes and HEMP, thus achieving superior performance levels. The product performs this task by sealing the gap between the two surfaces. They can also make installation easier thanks to the lubricant present in the formulation.


Threadlockers are very fluid mono-component liquids with excellent chemical and environmental resistance. They work by preventing self-loosening and loss of clamp load due to vibrations and shocks and can thus be used for a wide range of applications.

Their quality performance means:

  • Clean and simple application;
  • Vibration resistance;
  • Lock and seal of all threaded parts;
  • Elimination of fretting corrosion by bonding with the threads;
  • Available in wide range of viscosity;
  • Reduces inventory costs;
  • Wide range of application;
  • Polymerization in absence of air and at room temperature.

The chemical-physical characteristics mean that the adhesive works by filling the gaps between the threaded couplings and blocking threads and joints, generating a lubricating effect that makes the screwing action easier.


Sealants with high mechanical resistance to seal and block threaded connections in thermal, industrial and civil plants.

Their quality performance means:

  • Clean and simple application;
  • Vibration resistance;
  • Lock and seal of all threaded parts;
  • Reduction in inventory costs;
  • Wide range of applications;
  • Polymerization in the absence of air and at room temperature;
  • Heat Resistance;
  • Resistance to mechanical stress.

The chemical and physical characteristics mean the product can be used on ring nuts, pulleys and shaft rollers, so the entire line of THREAD SEALANTS can be used with metal, LPG, hot and cold water, oils, hydrocarbons, etc., generating a lubricating effect makes the screwing action easier.


The cyanacrylic acid esters are grouped under the generic name “cyanoacrylates”, namely the formulations belonging to instant adhesives.

This series of special molecules achieves instant bonding thanks to the polymerization process catalysed by air;

The polymerization reaction ensures:

  • Rapidity, visible bonding in just a few seconds;
  • Effective bonding of surfaces only a few microns apart;
  • Effective filling;
  • Bonding of metals, rubber, ceramics, leather, paper, joining of porous materials.

The chemical-physical characteristics of these special molecules mean the INSTANT ADHESIVE line is technologically advanced, with application performances that can meet the production needs of many industrial sectors.