The NEAT FLUID line, dedicated to the working of metals, is characterised by its innovative features, created by the formulation, which are as follows:

  • Greasing power;
  • Excellent wetting power;
  • Excellent anti-rust properties and passivation by oxidation;
  • Absence of dry sticky residue;
  • Absence of mineral oils.

These products are used for all the operations related to: SHEARING, CRIMPING/CLINCHING, BENDING and cold working in general, in addition to drilling and threading work and SWARF REMOVAL for high-strength, refractory and stainless steel. Their low viscosity and their lubricating power make it easier to remove swarf and prevent tools from getting hot or becoming viscid.

The formulation of the NEAT FLUIDS is designed to ensure top-of-the-range performance. In fact, it is possible to work at high moulding, perforating or even cutting speeds etc. while ensuring the durability of the tools and moulds.