An essential characteristic of soluble oils is the stability of the emulsions obtained, in addition to excellent resistance to bacterial degradation.

It is important to receive expert guidance in the use of emulsifiable products from the moment the mixture is created to the subsequent stages of their use and maintenance in storage tanks. This is why we have set up a team which can guarantee an ongoing CONSULTANCY service to provide support while you are using the products, so that you do not have to suspend production.

The products are termed emulsifiable since they are dispersed in water and form an emulsion which may have a milky to transparent appearance, depending on the percentage of oil contained in the product and the type of additives.

Emulsion characterised by:

  • Excellent cooling power that maintains a constant temperature and minimises the thermal expansions between the tool and the workpiece;
  • Lubricating power and reduced friction;
  • Cleaning power to keep the work area dirt-free and facilitate swarf removal.

The emulsions can be used in many fields such as COLD WORKING of metals: PERFORATING, BENDING, and DRAWING, as well as operations for SWARF REMOVAL: turning, milling, threading, cutting, drilling and grinding.