The grinding operation requires the cooling lubricant used to perform the difficult task of keeping the fine grit grinding wheel clean and lubricated and lower operating temperatures. The fine grit grinding wheel is extremely hard and in order to give the machined surface a high degree of finish, it needs the gaps between the cutting grains to be dirt-free and well lubricated.

The performance of the grinder is guaranteed by a drastic reduction in the heat created when used (90% of the power absorbed is transformed into heat of which 75% is transferred to the swarf that is removed) and this arduous task is performed by the cooling lubricant that lowers the heat produced through its cleaning operation and prolongs the life of the grinding wheel, improving production performance.

Our plant-based formulations seek to combine all these requirements by bringing together: high flash point, low tendency to evaporate, excellent cleaning properties due to lower viscosity, chemical-physical stability, reduction of kW absorption, grinding wheel mandrel, minimal viscosity variation with temperature changes, lower fire risk, reduction in maintenance costs and compatibility with rubber and elastomer materials.