Industrial maintenance is a delicate and strategic phase in a company’s life. Careful, accurate planning, in fact, can extend the average life of the machinery and even increase productivity, guaranteed by fewer unforeseen stops and consequently, the cost of downtime.
This is why we have offered our customers a wide range of products dedicated to these tasks.

LMI’s know-how combined with the demands of business customers has resulted in the BColibrì line which can fulfil the countless operations involving plant maintenance.

Industrial maintenance means machinery is properly maintained ensuring productivity and the efficiency of the production cycle, as well as safeguarding the operators; all values on which our mission is founded. As a result of the continuous requests of our business customers, we have studied and developed a wide range of advanced technological products which can: reduce unforeseen downtime, lengthen the interval between maintenance cycles, reduce management costs, extend the average life of the machinery and safeguard the health of workers as required by current legislation.