The ® product series is designed to meet the processing needs of the cold deformation process (punching, stamping, bending, cutting, sealing) of steel plates. In this area, we have achieved remarkable results by relying on innovative and technical products that industry competitors cannot catch up with. These products have been carefully studied and are designed for the processing of various types of iron plates, as well as for a wide range of manufacturing areas, including pharmaceutical and food processing (NSF H1 3H certificate). Our products are used in a variety of industrial applications, for example, but not exhaustive: maintenance, assembly, lubrication, safe degrease. The Bcolym production line meets the needs of almost all manufacturing and service activities.
It is a comprehensive product for the industry’s extensive and detailed formulations, including:

  • Go to Glitter;
  • Anaerobic glue
  • Fat;
  • Installation and paste;
  • Lubricants for degreasers, chains and ropes;
  • Separation of plastic.