An ASSEMBLY PASTE is “a grease” that is supplemented with specific solids (aluminium, copper, graphite) so that it can be used in extreme temperatures, and chemical and atmospheric conditions.
The use of assembly paste is recommended when putting together mechanical assemblies in order to avoid problems of corrosion due to contact, as well as for lubrication of supports and bearings at high temperatures (1200°C) and all mechanical components operating at low speed.
The chemical-physical properties mean that the range of ASSEMBLY PASTE products have the following applications:

  • Lubrication of gears, reducers and all mechanical components, double-ended screws, helical screws, sliding guides
  • Trial and Mounting of bolts, spline shafts, axes, drive shafts, head gaskets, mechanical components operating at high temperatures or in an environment with chemical corrosion, exhaust pipes, brackets, manifolds, mechanical components subjected to steam or humid environments, in addition to all delicate mechanical assemblies
  • Prevention of seizure.

ASSEMBLY PASTES can be used in many different industrial sectors.