LMI is a leader in the formulation and production of chemical products for industrial applications.
The Chemical Division and Technology Division are the result of thirty years of experience and leverage on proven knowledge of production cycles.

The Chemical Division has over 3,000 formulations which have been conceived and developed to meet the needs of our customers.
The Technology Division can rely on a highly qualified engineering staff.

The use of our products raises production standards and reduces consumption thanks to: improvements in quality, respect for environmental standards, hygiene and safety for operators, through turnkey solutions that range from chemical solutions to the machinery for their application.

Our group operates in an international arena with a strong focus on innovation and research which means we have a range of products based on new, cutting edge, and eco-friendly technologies.

LMI places great emphasis on customer satisfaction and can provide concrete answers through a professional approach, competence and experience.  Thanks to these qualities, it ensures excellent value added products with high quality standards.


The key to our success is intrinsic to the guidelines that govern our work:

  • Partnership with business customers to increase productivity and overcome problems in maintenance and manufacturing;
  • Care over environmental issues and regulations plus improvement in the working conditions of the workforce;
  • R&D and Engineering Laboratories capable of responding to the requests of the market.