Swarf removal is the removal of material where blanks and semi-finished products of various origin undergo cold working using cooling lubricants.

The operations for cutting and removal of material that involve swarf removal are carried out thanks to special tools which differ in type. Our fluids, created to ensure the performance and durability of tools, guarantee that they work properly and are long-lasting.

We also looked for environmentally friendly substances for the formulation of these fluids and cooling lubricants from natural sources.

The formulation technology of LMI cooling lubricants was conceived to combine care for workers, production performance and safe working environments. The result are products free from PAHs, PCBs, PCTs and heavy hydrocarbons, potentially carcinogenic substances, which are also biodegradable, non-toxic and completely safe to use. Machine tools are used for metalworking which historically differ from one another based on the type of tool used for machining. The formulations for swarf removal have the ability to extend tool life, reduce dimensional distortion of the pieces, increase cutting parameters, with a high smoke point, and an extremely high flash point which cannot be found in any other formulation technology. All these benefits mean extended tool life together with the reduction of both oil and energy consumption.