This machinery is born to satisfy the needs of the minimal lubrication in sectors. Its activity is based on a Spray System with carter and guarantees a minimal lubrication for both lower section and top section of coil and square cut.

The pneumatic system gives the opportunity to control the spraying in a mirrored mode. From PLC of the line/installation station you can activate or deactivate the couples of spray-points through easy programs, moreover it is possible to decide the kind of lubrication only for activated nozzles.


It can be used for square cuts and coils lubrication up to 2000 mm width.
If the oil used has a high viscosity or if it is subjected to physical/chemical variations because of low temperature, or in countries or plants where the temperatures are quite low; it is possible, as an option, asking for a thermal boundary installation inside the tank to have the lubricant in the best condition.


  • The system can operate in small areas
  • Homogeneous and correct lubrication on metal sheets
  • Reduction in lubricant consumption
  • Increase of moulds lifetime
  • Reduction in downtime for machineries
  • Easy to use
  • Precise and long-lasting machinery