SEKTOR ECO / models

SEKTOR ECO Serie (2/6/12)



The SEKTOR ECO control unit (series 2/6/12) has been designed as a modular system able to manage up to 12 lubrication lances. The spraying cycle is defined by the activation/deactivation of the control solenoid valve, each of which can command up to 2 nozzles each. The solenoid valve is operated by the control unit. The nozzles can be cone- or fan-shaped.


It can be used for the lubrication of plate blocks and coils up to a maximum width of 2000 mm. Moreover, there is the possibility of requesting the installation of a resistor (optional) inside the lubricant tank in the case where high viscosity lubricants are used, or, due to problems in working environments with particularly low temperatures due to characteristic local climate.


The supporting structure is made of fire-painted steel.
The multi-directional wheels guarantee ease in the positioning and versatility of installation; it can be moved easily between various presses.
The lances can be managed to achieve punctual lubrication where necessary, to minimize consumption and improve performance both in terms of performance and quantity. They can be installed on board the machine with simple bracketing systems that can be made ad hoc at the customer’s request. Furthermore, their connection is facilitated thanks to the use of special quick couplings identified by colors that facilitate the connection.