It is an original solution in place of basins and lubrication rollers.
By means of a Touch panel it is possible to modify or change easily the lubricant quantity whenever you need depending on advancement speed.
It has two upper and two lower nozzle rows in order to use two different types of oil, without having to empty the tank and wash the system.


It can be used for square cuts and coils lubrication up to 1600 mm width.


  • The system can operate in small areas
  • Direct suction from the drum without pouring
  • Homogeneous and correct lubrication on metal sheets
  • Reduction in lubricant consumption
  • Increase of moulds lifetime
  • Reduction in downtime for machineries, also thanks to the two separate lubrication circuits that allow a quick passage from one type of oil to another
  • Avoids the risk of pollution of the lubricants because with separate circuits they don’t become in contact
  • It possible changing the quantities of lubricants depending on conveyor belt speed
  • Immediate control of quantity used on metal sheets
  • Easy to use
  • Precise and long-lasting machinery